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Feminine Pads (Pack of 2)

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Product image 1Serviette Hygiénique (Paquet de 2)
Product image 2Serviette Hygiénique (Paquet de 2)
Product image 3Serviette Hygiénique (Paquet de 2)
Product image 4Serviette Hygiénique (Paquet de 2)
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Cloth Feminine Pads 

Comfort, absorption and protection

Made with waterproof fabric providing the desired protection and absorption in addition to a dry effect  provided by an athletic fabric (mesh).

They are minky (velvet) on the outside, which allows to stay more in place in the pants and have two heights of snaps on the wings for a better fit.

Goodbye odours and itching! 

Sold in Pack of 2 

  • Panty-liners are ultra thin and comfortable, ligth flow
  • Regular, Moderate flow
  • Maxi super , Abundant flow


- Panty liner: 20 cm 

- Regular: 24 cm

- Maxi super: 28 cm 

* The side with the pattern goes towards the pants and the white side towards the skin *


Frequency of change: We change the cloth pad at the same frequency as a disposable pad, so it all depends on your flow. 

Maintenance: Rinse with cold water (recommend but not necessary) before putting in the washing bag (wet bag). Wash with soap, ideally without fabric softener. Can be washed with clothing. 



50% polyester  laminate, 50% bamboo french terry


Designed in Canada

Made in China


Crédits photos: Carolanne Lamontagne Photographe



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