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Deodorant natural

Les petits soins de Sophie

Product image 1Déodorant naturel/antisudorifique
Product image 2Déodorant naturel/antisudorifique
Product image 3Déodorant naturel/antisudorifique
Product image 4Déodorant naturel/antisudorifique

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Highly effective natural deodorant Without aluminum and other chemical ingredients ... 

Container of 125ml Mason Jar recyclable or reusable. Zero waste. Very economical a little jar that will last a year! Made with essential oils, so no fragrance is used. 

Just massage a small amount (nut sized) of the product on the armpits. Creamy texture with a slightly powdery finish, instantly penetrates and leaves the armpits soft. 

Can also be used as deodorant cream / ointment for feet that sweat or fungal (mycosis) like the athletes foot ... 

Just apply a small amount under the feet and between the toes. Don't forgrt to put on a pair of white cotton socks to prevent slipping. As it is also moisturizing it helps to avoid crevices ... 

Contains coconut oil that is antibacterial and antifungal, an oil that does not stain any clothes and washes away very easily in the laundry. 

Contains baking soda which is antibacterial, antifungal, absorbent and neutralizes odors. Contains essential oils that are antibacterial, antifungal and more ... 

3 odors available : 

-Tropical (lemon, lime and tangerine) 

-Fresh (peppermint) 

-Traditional (lavender) 

-Wooden (cedar and rosemary) 

The color of the deodorant varies from yellow to white depending on the beeswax used. This creamy deodorant is all natural and contains antibacterial ingredients. Essential oils have been carefully selected for their antibacterial property and their compatibility with pregnancy (except during the first trimester) and breastfeeding (check according to the chosen deodorant). An adaptation period of one week is often required for new users, so that the body adjusts to the product. 

Handmade in Quebec by Les petits soins de Sophie

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