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Visual Guide on the Types of Cloth Diapers

You are interested in trying cloth diapers but it seems so complicated? Too many brands, types of diapers, inserts, materials, etc ...

One thing at a time!
Here I have a visual guide on the types of cloth diapers. It will allow you to choose the type of diaper that fits your needs .. especially if you were gifted many used diapers and you don't know what you have in hand .. that was my case 2 years ago .
In this article, I do not make a comparison between what is better or worse .. everyone finds their preferences and it is really a personal choice. But with the description of each, it can perhaps help you redirect your choices or eliminate some type of diapers on your list according to the use you want to make of them.
Feel free to leave your comments or questions and share the information.

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  • En fait ce n’est pas un commentaire mais plus une question… j’ai lu dans ton text que tu avais utilisé des couches lavables usagées? Je ne suis vraiment pas certaine sur les couches usagées… au niveau de l’hygiène est-ce que nous sommes capables d’avoir un certitude que la couche est à nouveau hygiénique? Merci pour les beaux textes qui sont très utiles!!


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